Sunday, 24 July 2011

Family Reunion in Hawaii 2011 - My Reccount

On Friday 15 July we had our Atoa Tugaga Family Reunion. It was held in Hawaii. It was really fun! 

We were given our name tags and put into groups. Like green, red, blue and yellow. 
We hugged our cousins and it felt good to see them again. We had lunch and it was yummy. We had lots of fruits and sandwiches to eat.

We then took our bags to the tents. It was a cool tent because it was by the beach! It looked like a humungus party with all my cousins, aunties and uncles in the tents beside us. 

I could smell the salty waves from the beach. It reminded me of Castlepoint beach in Masterton. When I was a baby I ate the sand!

My favourite memory of the reunion was swimming with my cousin Jenna and Uncle Tony and my Dad. The waves tried to drown me by pushing my whole body into the big blue sea. My cousin grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the sea.

After that my cousin Jenna and Uncle Tony help me to swim in the sea. 

By Irene!


  1. What a great story Nelisa-Ailini. My favourite part was when you compared the smell of the Hawaiian beach to the one in Castlepoint Masterton! That made mummy have a bit of a giggle!
    I thought to myself goodness me just as well Uncle Tony and cousin Jenna was there to rescue you from the big waves... betcha you got straight back into the water huh!
    What a great learning experience, can you please write a story about your visit to L.A?
    Lots of love mummy

  2. nice story Alini...hope u enjoyed are very lucky its your 2nd time!! Say hi to everyone in Los Angeles

  3. Kia ora Nelisa,

    Great to hear from you and read your short story. I hope your swimming is improving so you will be safe when you are in the water with your whanau.
    I love the moana too and can just imagine all those tents by the beach. Which area are you in? One of my daughter's will be going to school at BYU in Hawaii soon, are you near this area?

    When are you returning to Aotearoa? I can't wait to see your photos.

    Ma te Atua e manaaki kia koe.

    Naku noa Whaea Hepa

  4. What a great story Nelisa! It was really interesting to read it and I could just see you at the beach they way you described it. You must have had a wonderful time over there. Do you have some nice photos too that you can show aunty? xxx