Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hoopslammers Slam Reremoana

        Hoopslammers slam Reremoana
Yippee its game time!  I waited with anticipation for my mum to blow her whistle... hohoho!  My heart leapt, it was beating really fast.  I ran to catch the ball from the center pass.  My tummy was full of butterflies because I was so nervous.  
Quickly I passed the bouncy netball to Sipa.  I wondered will she catch it?  
Suddenly the ref said, “contact Reremoana’s ball!”
I felt so sorry for my friend Sipa because we missed our chance to score a goal.
I thought to myself I should get the ball back.  Suddenly Lucile leaped out of nowhere like she was on a trampoline.  She intercepted the ball and quickly threw it to the GS.  Everybody held their breath.  
Jade the GS took a deep breath, bent her legs and took a shot for the goal.
“Yippeeee!"  Everybody shouted as Jade got the winning goal in.  Hoopslammers 17-16.


  1. I like descriptive writing Nelisa.
    Well done. Love Aunty Ula

  2. Well Done Nelisa-Ailini...Congrats to your team!!

  3. Kia ora Whanau,

    Great Story, thank you Nelisa for allowing me to use this in shared writing today. I look forward to seeing more great work from you.

    Naku noa
    Whaea Hepa

  4. what excellent writing skills you have're a budding young reporter...look out aunty Marama..he he love aunty Kiren

  5. thank-u guys for saying that and i love u guys all
    xoxo by nelisa