Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Should New Zealand be Smokefree?

Should New Zealand be Smokefree?  Kia ora my name is Nelisa-Ailini and I am here to talk to you about why is it important for New Zealand to become smokefree by 2025. Fristly being smokefree means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

I believe in smokefree New Zealand. This means that there is a campaign for people to stop smoking in New Zealand by 2025. So when I am 20 years old there will no one smoking in New Zealand. Wouldn't it  FABULOUS?

 This year there is a band from displaying smokes behind the counter. DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GREAT IDEA?

 Remember it is an achievable goal. By working together we can achieve the vision of a smokefree Aotearoa and it is important to tell your child not smoke. and through simple steps with whanau school community or organizations WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Hold smoke free events, smoke free cars ask whanau to not smoke around kids. Talk to kids about being smokefree even if you are a smoker you can still help.

So come everyone let's make that first step together to a Smokefree New Zealand

Nelisa-Ailini Lologa
Age 8 Year 4


  1. of course i agree completely with you nelisa so proud of your comments you go island girl!!!
    we can make a difference Bless you

    Mrs Fa'alava'au

  2. Nelisa, what a wonderful speech this is....you have grown up so much !!! I miss you - we had lots of fun,didn't we ? xxx
    Love - Mrs Mahon [Logan !]

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  4. WOW what an amazing speech Nelisa. You are a future toastmaster speechmaker!! I love it. Keep up the good work. I will try and be smokefree now.