Thursday, 19 September 2013

Coming To America!

Yes! finally! I was so excited, today I am going to America! My Uncle Gerald or Uncle G and me are going to Aunty Pamela's Wedding in South Carolina, America.

When I finished school my uncle Gerald came and picked us up I was so happy. so when we got picked up we drove back home. Dad went to pick up mum and my sisters from pre school. I wanted to stay with my uncle Gerald so I could have shower and put some stuff in my bag.

Soon after I had a shower, my whanau arrived home from school, mum came in and told me off to move faster because I was daydreaming! I got changed quickly, my mum told me to get my stuff but I was too lazy. I got told of again. After that I got my stuff and put it in my bag then I did my hair.

We then headed to the airport but first we had to go to the Warehouse and Countdown  to buy snacks and New Zealand stuff for my cousins and aunty in America. When we arrived at the airport we had to get our bags from the boot check in and get our tickets. Then it was up up the escalator to the departure place.

My dad said that my homework was to blog about my journey to America. HOMEWORK!! Cool! So follow my blog and comment please!

Then it was time to go so I gave my lovely whanau kisses and hugs. I took photos of them, said my last goodbye and we went on our to journey to America.


  1. Thank you for the email and the lovely photos Nelisa, I am looking forward to hearing how your trip unfolds and photos of the wedding.
    I hope that you enjoyed the flight?

    Ms McMurray

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  3. wow i am so excited for you Nelisa America is a huge place you are so lucky i wish one day i will go to America so when you go please bring some cool photos, hAVE A SAFE TRIP AND SAY HI TO THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IF YOU SEE her hahaha

    Mrs Fa'alava'au

  4. Very lucky girl. Nelisa Ailini. Still remember you Nelisa and your beautiful and talented parents. Enjoy your visit to your families in America. Love you darling.

    Aloese Lefono

  5. Aue Taukiri e!

    Kia ora Nelisa,

    Great to hear you are keeping a blog of your Haerenga. I miss you already as I returned from Samoa, but left all my tamariki there to have fun in the sun. I wish you well on your holiday to America with your Uncle G and hope you have a super fantastic time with your cuzzies.

    Arohanui Whaea Hepa