Thursday, 28 December 2017

My Papa - “Tautua ma e faamaoni nei mo sou taeao manuia”

The following speech was written for the Samoan Speech Competition in 2015:

“My papa serves today with diligence for a better tomorrow!”
My papa serves you, his church family, his community and his extended family with a willing heart.  A seed sown and nurtured by his long line of ancestors who served their aiga and God.

In 1968 my Papa travelled to New Zealand from Samoa in search of a better future. Before he left for New Zealand his mum said to him;
“Work hard, for a better future for your brothers and sisters and more importantly trust in God!
My Papa’s dad was now very old and his younger siblings needed money to further their own education…. So it was my Papa who decided to help out.

My Papa was one of the many Samoans that were selected by the government on a work scheme arranged between New Zealand and Samoa.
He lived in a town called Masterton which is in the Wairarapa. There was hardly any islanders there…  
My Papa faced his first cold Wairarapa winter, his first meal of potatoes, his first taste of home without no aiga.  
It was not easy back then to come to a new country. The New Zealand way of life was very hard.
My Papa had to learn to make a connection with others, he knew he had to give new things a go, to pick himself up when he failed
and to never give up.  
My Papa  knew that if he worked hard and learnt the kiwi way of life... he knew that he had a good chance of living the good life.

My Papa could have chosen a life filled with gambling at the TAB, drinking away his pay packet at the pub
he knew he had to support his younger siblings and his parents back in Samoa… so my Papa chose to serve today with diligence for a better tomorrow.

In 1975 my Papa fell in love … like all young people… and married my Mama.  She fell for his skux looks… he looked like a mini Arnold Schwarzenegger … their house was filled with his bodybuilding and weight lifting awards....well that's what my Dad would tell me.

Together they built a strong foundation with God as the head of their household. Not long after they got married they bought their first house. Life back then was very tough. At times it was just toast for tea… I guess that’s why My Papa has such a big vegetable garden…

Being one of the few Pacific Islanders in the Wairarapa, My Papa worked to help other Pacific Island families to settle in. From helping them to get jobs, schooling... to helping out with their finances.  

My Papa embraced his new home by …. Answering the following;
“ ...ask not what your country can do for youbut what you can do for your country…”

In 1976 he help set the first Samoan Church in Masterton
1982 became a lay preacher
1983 he helped establish the Masterton Samoan Cultural Group
1986 he was member of the Masterton Community Arts Grants Board
1993 He became an interpreter for the Masterton Courts
1996 he established the first Aoga Amata
1999 he became carer for Pacific Island kids at risk
In 1996 April 6 before the opening of the First Aoga Amata in Masterton, My Mama passed away. My Papa was very sad… he leaned on God’s unconditional love and grace… even through his darkest hours my Papa remembered God’s love.

My Papa was blessed in 2005 January 8 with his first beautiful granddaughter , I was named after my mama.

In July 2013 My Papa had a heart attack. Before his heart operation he said to me;
“Always put God first, work hard so that others may follow you….”

My Papa has now lived in Masterton for over 50 years. His legacy has been passed onto his children . Now his legacy will be carried on with us grandchildren. I now know that I need to carry on the sacrifices my Papa made to give his own children, his aiga and his community a better future.

My Papa’s story is like other Pacific Island Pioneers. It is important that their legacy continues by you and I listening to our parents and elders about the hardship they faced to learn from them in order to understand our path for the future.

That the values of working hard, perseverance and overcoming hard times are the foundations we need to build our own future.

Serve now for a better tomorrow….

“Tautua ma e faamaoni nei mo sou taeao manuia”

AIMS 2017

Guy Fawkes - In Shifnal Drive

My Happy Guy Fawkes

On Monday me and my Dad brought a big packet of fireworks. soon as my Mum called she said get nappies,wipes and the "shiney" nivea cream. So we did As soon as we got there. we had gotn  what mum said. I was really, really, really excited because it was Guy Fawkes night it took for ever for us to finish because there were a whole crowd of people.

As soon it was our turn we had to put our groceries on the tray. I was smiling at my Dad because we brought a big box of fireworks. I was smiling at my Dad he said "Are you happy now?"and i said that I was "really happy". When we got home we had dinner quickly and had chocolate yummy Icecream.  after that we lit up the fireworks.

I waited with anticapation for the firworks as i waited it went Shaboya!! Shaboya!! We were scared and crazy and the fireworks were annoying. Do you know how crazy we were? We were singing gamnam style and the whole street of Shifnal Drive  could hear us. Me and my sister got burnt. My dad had to get the hose and my Mum checked my sister's feet and my feet as well. 

GENGHIS GRILLS - Memories of my trip to America 2014

Mmm! Can you smell that? It's GENGHHIS GRILLS is in Mathew, it is in a little town in Charlotte, USA. I went to GENGHIS GRILLS with my aunty Ula and uncle Gerald and my aunty'a best friend. It looked really cool.But the first thing we had to was to get a small and a big bowl.

Then the waitress came  over to explain the proceedure. My tummy was grumbling like a rollacoaster going side to side.when the waitress finished talking what to  do we picked our delicious food.After finished our favourite food we had to give our bowls to the chefs who frie our food.we first had to get numbers so the chefs would who's food will it be.

After that our food was ready I was so surprised I was so hungry. I was eating fast because I was so hungry. After eating our delicious meals we had pay our delicious pay and had gone home with full tummies and our smiling faces.

Nelson Mandela Freedom Hero!

Why did Mandela go to prison?
Nelson Mandela had went to prison, because he told People to have freedom but the judge had sent Nelson Mandela to prison.

What rule did Mandela oppose?
Nelson Mandela did not like apartheid which was a rule that separated whites and coloured.  

Where did Mandela get his name from?
Nelson Mandela got his English name from his teacher because his teacher couldn't say his name properly. His South African name Mandeba means trouble maker.

What is the legacy Mandella has left to the world?
Mandella was a very kid man. He was a very generous man. Nelson Mandella was a very good man he encouraged People to have a better life and to do the right things.people also said that Nelson Mandella was a dad to them.

Mandela was the first black president. He was a very famous guy and a freedom fighter!!!.

By nelisa ailini lologa 
                     Year 4

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Coming To America!

Yes! finally! I was so excited, today I am going to America! My Uncle Gerald or Uncle G and me are going to Aunty Pamela's Wedding in South Carolina, America.

When I finished school my uncle Gerald came and picked us up I was so happy. so when we got picked up we drove back home. Dad went to pick up mum and my sisters from pre school. I wanted to stay with my uncle Gerald so I could have shower and put some stuff in my bag.

Soon after I had a shower, my whanau arrived home from school, mum came in and told me off to move faster because I was daydreaming! I got changed quickly, my mum told me to get my stuff but I was too lazy. I got told of again. After that I got my stuff and put it in my bag then I did my hair.

We then headed to the airport but first we had to go to the Warehouse and Countdown  to buy snacks and New Zealand stuff for my cousins and aunty in America. When we arrived at the airport we had to get our bags from the boot check in and get our tickets. Then it was up up the escalator to the departure place.

My dad said that my homework was to blog about my journey to America. HOMEWORK!! Cool! So follow my blog and comment please!

Then it was time to go so I gave my lovely whanau kisses and hugs. I took photos of them, said my last goodbye and we went on our to journey to America.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Should New Zealand be Smokefree?

Should New Zealand be Smokefree?  Kia ora my name is Nelisa-Ailini and I am here to talk to you about why is it important for New Zealand to become smokefree by 2025. Fristly being smokefree means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

I believe in smokefree New Zealand. This means that there is a campaign for people to stop smoking in New Zealand by 2025. So when I am 20 years old there will no one smoking in New Zealand. Wouldn't it  FABULOUS?

 This year there is a band from displaying smokes behind the counter. DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GREAT IDEA?

 Remember it is an achievable goal. By working together we can achieve the vision of a smokefree Aotearoa and it is important to tell your child not smoke. and through simple steps with whanau school community or organizations WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Hold smoke free events, smoke free cars ask whanau to not smoke around kids. Talk to kids about being smokefree even if you are a smoker you can still help.

So come everyone let's make that first step together to a Smokefree New Zealand

Nelisa-Ailini Lologa
Age 8 Year 4

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hoopslammers Slam Reremoana

        Hoopslammers slam Reremoana
Yippee its game time!  I waited with anticipation for my mum to blow her whistle... hohoho!  My heart leapt, it was beating really fast.  I ran to catch the ball from the center pass.  My tummy was full of butterflies because I was so nervous.  
Quickly I passed the bouncy netball to Sipa.  I wondered will she catch it?  
Suddenly the ref said, “contact Reremoana’s ball!”
I felt so sorry for my friend Sipa because we missed our chance to score a goal.
I thought to myself I should get the ball back.  Suddenly Lucile leaped out of nowhere like she was on a trampoline.  She intercepted the ball and quickly threw it to the GS.  Everybody held their breath.  
Jade the GS took a deep breath, bent her legs and took a shot for the goal.
“Yippeeee!"  Everybody shouted as Jade got the winning goal in.  Hoopslammers 17-16.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Family Reunion in Hawaii 2011 - My Reccount

On Friday 15 July we had our Atoa Tugaga Family Reunion. It was held in Hawaii. It was really fun! 

We were given our name tags and put into groups. Like green, red, blue and yellow. 
We hugged our cousins and it felt good to see them again. We had lunch and it was yummy. We had lots of fruits and sandwiches to eat.

We then took our bags to the tents. It was a cool tent because it was by the beach! It looked like a humungus party with all my cousins, aunties and uncles in the tents beside us. 

I could smell the salty waves from the beach. It reminded me of Castlepoint beach in Masterton. When I was a baby I ate the sand!

My favourite memory of the reunion was swimming with my cousin Jenna and Uncle Tony and my Dad. The waves tried to drown me by pushing my whole body into the big blue sea. My cousin grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the sea.

After that my cousin Jenna and Uncle Tony help me to swim in the sea. 

By Irene!

Sunday, 1 May 2011


'Watch your Step!' said the sign as we stepped carefully onto the ferry. The sun was shining like white nivia cream and it was a girls day out. I went with Mrs Logan, my sisters and mum but her real name is Jenny Mahon ha ha!

The boat was moving like a slow whale. Me and my sisters took pictures and we had awesome fun.
The big blue waves went swish swish swish.
"This is fun!" said my cheeky sister Salina. We all laughed!
We were very proud of our sister Salina because she was a good girl.

By Nelisa

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Smelly Bathroom by Nelisa

A Smelly Bathroom

Drip, drip, drip the water spitted from my togs as I got out  of  the pool, I shivered from the  cold as I followed my sisters  to the  bathroom to have a shower.  I felt happy to get out of the pool because I was feeling a little bit hungry.  Rumble, rumble, rumble went my tummy.

I got my towel, soap and conditioner and I went in the shower.  I opened the door and my eyes fell on the floor, to my surprise I saw a kaka .  It looked like a brown long snake with yellow bits of corn in it.  It was disgusting, it made me feel like spewing up.  My little sister Salina stepped on the stinky kaka because she ran in without looking.
"Ooh yucky kaka!" said Salina

By Nelisa